The big picture.

We believe that everyone should have access to genetic analysis to get ahead of their health risks. And we mean real genetic analysis.

Most “over-the-counter” genetic tests are recreational and their labs don’t use the most up-to-date methods.

That means the information you get from them isn’t very usable: it’s fun, and sometimes insightful, but it can’t guide your medical journey or your life.

Picture is 100% focused on the health of you and your family. Our tests deliver accurate results from genetic experts, following the highest laboratory standards. In fact, Picture tests are backed by an established medical laboratory--Fulgent Genetics. Fulgent is a certified and accredited clinical diagnostic lab, working with physicians from more than 700 institutions including Johns Hopkins, Kaiser Permanente, and Cedars-Sinai. Your DNA is analyzed using the newest equipment through a process called Next Generation Sequencing. We do this because we think you should have the option to access quality information about your (or your family’s) health without having to deal with the headache of doctor visits, insurance claims, and questionable bills.

In short, Picture is focused on bringing the knowledge and power of genetics to the people.

We offer a suite of powerful genetic tests that you can easily order from home, and we deliver clinical-grade accuracy with your results. With actionable insights, you can make more well-informed decisions about the health and well-being of your family.