How it Works
Simple test,
sophisticated science.
Smart young woman slightly smiling and looking into the middle distance
Smart young woman slightly smiling and looking into the middle distance
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How it Works

Simple test,
sophisticated science.

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Understand your health at its most basic level.

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Analysis is completed via Next Generation Sequencing and includes deletion/duplication analysis.

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For more information on test specifications, download our clinician infosheets:
Picture Parenting
Picture Wellness
Picture Newborn
Picture PD Aware
Picture PGx
Picture NAb-T

Did you know...

Over 99% of your DNA is shared across all humans on earth, but a tiny bit is unique to you.

Your body is made up of cells, and inside each cell is your DNA—the molecules that tell your body how to grow and function. It’s this DNA that determines things like the color of your hair, or whether you get freckles.

Sometimes these genetic variations can increase your risk for certain diseases or health conditions. In other cases, these variations don’t affect you directly, but could affect your children.

With genetic testing, you can discover your risks and give yourself time to prevent, mitigate, or manage them.
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How it Works

What to expect

Once Picture has analyzed your DNA, we’ll send you your full personalized report online.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that our reports are comprehensive — giving you exactly what information you need, and none that you don’t.

Your report will inform you whether you tested positive or negative for the genetic variants that Picture looks for. Once you receive your report, you’ll also have the opportunity to schedule a discussion with a genetic counselor—someone professionally trained to walk you through what your results could mean for yourself and your family.

What we test for

We only provide medical-quality information that is helpful for your personal wellness and family planning.

At Picture we believe that knowledge is powerful, and that understanding your family’s health risks means you can make better, more well-informed decisions.

All diseases that we test for are conditions that doctors can help you prevent and manage. We’re proud of our stringent scientific standards.

Whether you're ordering our Parenting, our Newborn, or our Wellness test, you'll be able to discuss your results with a healthcare provider and develop a personalized health plan that fits you and your family. Each test is tailored for different stages of your life and family planning -- learn more about specific tests on our Products Page.